10,000 sales on Etsy...

Wow, what a wild ride this has been.  I started selling my hair accessories on Etsy June 19, 2012 and I haven't looked back.  Since then I have opened up an Ebay store and this stand alone website.  Thank you all for supporting me in this crazy thing I call life.

I reached 10,000 sales and on the same day Vogue asked to have one of my items sent to them to possibly use in a photo shoot.  It just doesn't get much better than that.

I update my fanpage on facebook on a regular basis, much more than on my blog.  For updates on sales, new lines and fabrics "like" my fanpage. 


What it takes...

The following is a post that I made on my personal Facebook approximately one week before my one year anniversary of selling Bows.  It was well received and I thought I would share it on here as well.  If you have dreams, make them your reality.  Don't like the "what if's" control your day and just get up and do what you need to for that day.  Don't over think your life. 

"As I sit here tonight, I am thinking about the last year of my life. In almost 3 weeks I will celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my first sale of a Dolly Bow on Etsy. If someone would have said to me a year ago that I would be the #1 Dolly Bow Seller on Etsy and have over 560 different bows listed for sale, I would have said NO FREAKING WAY! I would have said that I didn't have the energy to do that, that I didn't know enough about hair bows, I didn't have the money to invest, that I didn't have the time, that I did't have the strength... (remember I was bedridden for nearly 2 years of my life recently)... But I didn't set out to do this. All I did was make a single bow for my daughter... then I put a few online that I made from old fabric I had and then a few more... well here it is a year later and I just can't believe that this is where I am at. All I did was take the first step and I only looked at what I needed to do that day, not the big picture because that would have overwhelmed me."